The Environment

Environmental accreditation

Supporting all our customers to be environmentally friendly without increasing the costs or compromising quality.

As a print company we do more than simply printing on recycled paper. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and print in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

County Print Services holds ISO14001 accreditation and all of its activities are controlled, ensuring the environment benefits. As one of our core values we are committed to deliver and improve on our eco-friendly commitments.

Our investment in waterless printing with a Presstek litho press not only reduces material consumption and waste, it provides print buyers with the opportunity to make environmentally- sustainable purchasing choices without compromising quality.


  • Eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, waste and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Preserves water
  • Reduces paper waste, through an efficient start-up process
  • Enables use of vegetable based inks
  • Improves employee working conditions.

Our products won’t cost the earth 

We are conscious of our impact on the environment and use green processes – recycled paper, chemical-free printing, and producing minimal waste.

Recycled paper reduces landfill by using waste material in its production. It champions sustainable forestry and uses considerably less water and fewer chemicals than traditional paper manufacturing. By using recycled papers you are promoting a responsible attitude that others aspire to.